Embedded Systems Engineer

Job Team: Space Robotics
Job Location: Garching

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for a motivated student with experience in embedded systems, especially with experience in working with microcontrollers, to aid us in the development of software for a modular power management module for our rovers. If you already have done work with microcontroller boards (Arduino, STM32, etc), and have good C/C++ knowledge, then this position is ideal for you!


  • Development of software for a modular Power Management module
  • Performing tests on the Power Management electronics board
  • Producing documentation and test reports


  • Good C/C++ programming skills
  • Moderate experience with Microcontroller programming
  • Basic electronics knowledge
  • Basic experience with real-time operating systems


  • Improve your C/C++ skills
  • Gain further insight into hardware-dependent software development
  • Learn basic power management electronic circuits
    • Protection Circuits
    • Electronically controlled switches
    • Monitoring power consumption
  • Gain experience using lab equipment to test electronics

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