Mechanical Engineer (CAx)

What we’re looking for Become a part of our dreamy student team, where we’re crafting the future of space robotics! Our mission is to create autonomous rovers that’ll roam distant celestial landscapes. We’re seeking Mechanical Engineers who are passionate about space robotics and are ready to make their mark on the universe. If you’re a…

Electronics Design Engineer

What we’re looking for Have you ever wondered how electronic circuit boards are made? Maybe you already have some insight into PCB design, and wish to improve by getting involved in more complex projects? Then you have reached your destination. Apply to this position to contribute to the design, manufacturing, and testing of PCBs in…

Embedded Systems Engineer

What we’re looking for We’re looking for a motivated student with experience in embedded systems, especially with experience in working with microcontrollers, to aid us in the development of software for a modular power management module for our rovers. If you already have done work with microcontroller boards (Arduino, STM32, etc), and have good C/C++…

Frontend Developer

What we’re looking for We’re looking for a creative student who can and wants to design and create the best-looking, and high-performing website for our team and our projects, and regularly maintain and implement new design ideas to our website as our team grows. Responsibilities Rover Interface Development: Design and implement intuitive and responsive user…

Robotics & Autonomous Engineer

Responsibilities: Designing, implementing, and optimizing the autonomous driving system. Collaborating with the Lead Engineer and other team members for system integration. Evaluating and iterating on selected algorithms and technologies to improve rover autonomy. Supporting the validation and testing of the autonomous driving functions. Qualifications: Proficiency in English Background in robotics and autonomous systems. Experience with…

Embedded Systems Engineer (NVIDIA Platform focus)

Responsibilities: Developing and deploying software on NVIDIA embedded systems. Optimizing algorithms for the specific hardware. Ensuring real-time operation and response of the system. Qualifications: Proficiency in English Hands-on experience with NVIDIA embedded platforms (like Jetson series). Proficiency in CUDA programming for GPU acceleration. Understanding of real-time systems and constraints.

Computer Vision Specialist

Responsibilities: Obstacle detection. Terrain difficulty estimation to aid path-planning. Fine-tuning and optimizing algorithms for ArUco tag detection. Integrating vision data with other sensor data. Qualifications: Proficiency in English Understanding of computer vision algorithms. Experience with OpenCV or similar vision libraries. Knowledge of deep learning and neural networks.

Sensor Fusion Specialist

Responsibilities: Implementing sensor fusion techniques for a robust perception of the environment. Ensuring all sensors are correctly calibrated and integrated. Dealing with noisy or incomplete data. Qualifications: Proficiency in English Experience with a variety of sensors, including RGB-D cameras, LiDAR, and IMUs. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Familiarity with calibration techniques.

Software QA and Testing Engineer

Responsibilities: Designing test cases to validate the performance of the autonomous system. Simulating rover operations in different environments. Identifying bugs and ensuring robust operation. Qualifications: Proficiency in English Strong attention to detail and analytical skills. Familiarity with simulation tools like Gazebo or similar platforms. Experience in software testing methodologies.