We wish you all a good start into the new semester!

For everyone interested in working with us or in getting a sneak peak at what WARR is about, join us for our upcoming Kick-Off events.

For the specific dates and login data please check the image below.

It goes without saying that we too must comply to the hygiene regulations in Bavaria and at TUM, especially regarding the current infection dynamics in Germany.

Therefore, all of our Kick-Off events will be held online (just like most of your lectures) on zoom . To attend one of our Kick-Off events, simply open the corresponding link with your browser of choice or enter the Meeting-ID in the zoom web app. Alternatively you can also download the zoom client for iOS, Android or Windows. More information on the usage of zoom can be found here.

WARR Space Labs and WARR Exploration are not organizing their own Kick-off events this semester, but will be present at the general Kick-Off. If you want to join their teams, contact them there or send an email to one of the team leaders (contact details can be found here).

Further Information

The big kick-off event of the entire WARR.

We will introduce WARR and our team leaders will give you all the latest information about our projects in short speeches.

For all those who don't know exactly what our teams are working on, which one they should join or generally want to know what the scientific workgroup for rocketry and spaceflight is all about.

The ideal start at WARR and for participating in any of our teams. For all those who want to get to know working in WARR or just want a small taste of what we do. Those who simply want to build their own model rocket with us are of course also welcome.

You can find more information about the event and the coronavirus situation here. Please note that due to the coronavirus measures only 10 teams are allowed this year, so please register early.

In order to participate in the competition you have to visit the Kick-Off.

Our teams present the current status of their projects in detail and possibly already give the new members an early introduction to the team.

For all those who already know which team they would like to join or which team interests them most. The best way to get to know the teams in detail. Recommended even if you have already visited the general Kick-Off.