Kick-offs WiSE 2023/24

Don't feel like spending the next few months exclusively in dry lectures or on never ending exercises? You don't have to!

Join us for one of our kick-off events and learn more about how you can work with us and live out your enthusiasm for space.

Lunar rovers, state of the art rockets, experiments on the ISS, your very own satellite or even space elevators - no matter which of our teams you're interested in, our kick-off events are the perfect opportunity to learn more about our projects and how to join us.

Come by - We're looking forward to meeting you!

WARR Kick-Off Termine

Wed, Oct 25th 2023, 6pm

Meet ALL our teams at our general WARR introduction. Here you will learn everything about WARR, including a presentation of our projects by the project leaders. The best starting point for your journey at WARR. The individual teams will introduce themselves in more detail in the following days.

Thu, Oct 26th 2023, 6pm

Are you interested in space, but come from a different discipline or simply enjoy PR, sponoring, business, project management, etc.? Then you've come to the right place!



Mon, Oct 30th 2023, 6pm

With a rover on the moon or a lift into space. Sounds crazy? We think it sounds like a great idea!

Thu, Nov 2nd 2023, 6pm

We are all about experiments in microgravity. Join us to learn moare about our experiment for the International Space Station and future projects.

Mon, Nov 6th 2023, 6pm

You want to fly high? If you're interested in joining our rocket team, you've come to the right place. Find out more about the Nixus and WESP projects.

Tue, Nov 7th 2023, 6pm

The Move team builds its own satellites and has even launched CubeSats into space!

Wed, Nov 8th 2023, 6pm

Ever felt like throwing eggs? This time, use a small rocket to help you. Our model rocket workshop is a great place to start if you're just beginning your studies.

Who can join us

Motivated, ambitious Students

  • who are enrolled at a university in the Munich area (explicitly not only at TUM, but also at LMU or Munich University of Applied Sciences for example).
  • from any field of study
  • in any semester

How to get there


TUM Campus Garching
StudiTUM Garching
Lichtenbergstraße 3, Ground Floor
002@5532 (5532.EG.002)

U6 Garching-Forschungszentrum

City Center

TUM Main Campus

Arcisstr. 21, Room 0505.EG.544

Link zum Roomfinder: Klick

U2/U8 Theresienstraße

Yes, but...?

Still a couple of ??? left?
Schreibt uns gerne.

Space meets Business

It’s not all Rocket Science!

You are interested in project management, finances, or marketing?

Building our sophisticated spacecrafts requires rare and therefore expensive materials. For the upcoming semester, we are advancing our sponsoring campaign and surprisingly contracts cannot be found using Dijkstra’s Algorithm. Thus, we are looking for students motivated in putting their finance, project management or law skills into action. No technical knowledge is needed, however you should be enthusiastic about science and innovative engineering (but that’s why you are still reading, isn’t it?).

What’s in it for you? 

In return for your time, we offer an environment where you can thrive and be part of a team where you have the freedom to make a difference. We want your input and expertise, so you can try and test your theoretical skills in a non-judging organization. We are all just students that want to follow their passion about space. There is a lot to do and you can choose where you want to pitch in. You will also establish new connections to Bavaria’s Space Valley with the (co-)founders of tomorrow and today. The WARR spin-offs OroraTech and Isar Aerospace for example, founded in 2018 from our rocketry and satellites teams, heavily contribute to Munich’s NewSpace community. 

Join us at the non-tech „business“ kick-off in the city center which targets students interested in the non-technical side of our projects.