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MOVE-III is a 6U CubeSat of the third generation – its predecessors First-MOVE and MOVE-II/MOVE-IIb have already been launched into space. MOVE-III intends to carry a sensor for the detection of sub-millimetric space debris and micrometeoroids called DEDRA, also developed by MOVE in conjunction with the Institute for Astronomic and Physical Geodesy (IAPG) as well as the Chair for Lunar and Planetary Exploration (LPE) of the Technical University of Munich, in to Low Earth Orbit. The DEDRA sensor will verify theoretical space debris models, such as ESA’s MASTER and DRAMA models, or NASA’s ORDEM.

The MOVE-III project intends to use the experience gained in the development of MOVE-II/MOVE-IIb to develop a mission-agnostic satellite, which can be easily adapted to future missions and will allow MOVE and WARR to fly missions with different payloads in a more rapid fashion. The bus will form the basis for the future of the MOVE team. In spring 2024, the MOVE team concluded the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) fo the bus, and is working on a first prototype.

Stratospheric balloons form a central component of MOVE’s testing strategy, serving as a platform to demonstrate central functions of the bus in mechanically extreme environments. MOVE has successfully tested the communcations, power and some sensor systems in three balloon missions.

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