You just missed our kick-offs for the winter semester! But don't worry, you won't have to wait half a year to join us now: Just write an email to the team you want to be part of and we will get in touch with you. You can find the email addresses of our team leaders here.

Don't feel like spending the next few months exclusively in dry lectures, on never ending exercises or alone at home staring at your screen? You don't have to!

Join us for one of our kick-off events this october and november and learn more about how you can work with us and live out your enthusiasm for space.

Lunar rovers, large hybrid rockets, experiments on the ISS, your very own satellite or even space elevators - no matter which of our teams you're interested in, our kick-off events are the perfect opportunity to learn more about our projects and how to join us.

The exact schedule for the online meetings can be found in the graphic below (feel free to share):

Regardless of which semester you are studying in, which field of study you belong to or which Munich university or college you are enrolled in: new faces are always welcome!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

The big kick-off event of the entire WARR.

We will introduce WARR and our team leaders will give you all the latest information about our projects in short speeches.

For all those who don't know exactly what our teams are working on, which one they should join or generally want to know what the scientific workgroup for rocketry and spaceflight is all about.

The ideal introduction for new WARRians.

The model rocket competition is explicitly aimed at students who are new to WARR or just want to get a brief glimpse into it. You will get a rough insight into the WARR and get to know our workshop, where you can work on your own rocket, which you will then compete against the other teams. The award ceremony traditionally takes place at the Christmas party of the entire WARR in December.

Model rocket enthusiasts who simply want to build a small rocket with us and compete with it are of course also welcome.

Please be aware that the documentation of the workshop and the competition is mostly in German.

More information about the model rocket competition can be found here.

Our teams present the current status of their projects in detail and possibly already give the new members an early introduction to the team.

For all those who already know which team they would like to join or which team interests them most. The best way to get to know the teams in detail. Recommended even if you have already visited the general Kick-Off.