At the same time the long-duration hot-fire test of the Valkyrie engine took place, the Nixus team also performed the launch of one of the older Rocketry projects prototypes, the EX-1B rocket in order to validate hardware and software before the launch of the EX-4 rocket of project Nixus.

This experiment was also the occasion to meet several other student teams and rocket enthusiasts from all over Europe and the experiment turned into a fantastic shared experience! 🇪🇺🚀
After many late nights, busy with perfecting the last details for the launch, the EX-1B took to the skies and was managed to be fully recovered by our team, showing that despite the age, the EX-1B is still a reliable platform for component tests!

This marked another great success for us and yielded lots of crucial data concerning the launch of the EX-4 at Spaceport America Cup and at the European Rocketry Challenge!