Model Rocketry

Contest winter semester 2019/2020

Kick-Off, 29.10.2019 7 pm, StudiTUM Garching, Room 5532.EG.002

Every winter semester, we organize a competition about developing, building and starting a model rocket. All motivated students of natural sciences and engineering are envited to take part, especially those who are new to university. However, it is neccessary for all participants to first visit the Kick-Off event at 29th October.

The goal of the project is to build a model rocket in teams of 3-5 people until the middle of December, which is able to carry a raw egg several hundred meters up and to land it safely using a recovery system, e.g. a parachute. Additionally, properties such as reusability, weight, flight stability and duration as well as design (among others) will influence the rating of your and your teams’ rocket on the final launch day in the middle of December, taking place near the Garching TUM campus.

All required materials and security instructions for machines in the WARR owned workshop will be supplied by us. The rocket itself will be built out of fiber-reinforced plastic and propelled by a publicly available solid state rocket motor (specification D9-6).

After the launch day, there will be an award ceremony in the context of the WARR Christmas celebration in the week after the launch day. Of course, you can keep your rocket if you like.

Any questions? You want to take part in the contest, but can’t come to Kick-Off event? Just write us! or