WARR Model Rocketry Competition


The kick-off event for this years model rocketry competition took place on the 26th of october at 18 pm. The slides can be found here.

Every winter semester, the Scientific Workgroup for Rocketry and Space Flight organizes a model rocketry competition. The competition is open to all motivated science students, especially to all first year students.

Goal of the competition

The goal of the competition is to build a model rocket in small groups of about 3-5 students over a period of 6-7 weeks. At the top of the rocket, an egg will be carried to a height of several hundred meters. With a recovery system like a parachute, the rocket will be slowed down again when it falls. The ultimate goal and the real challenge is to land gently enough so that the egg can be retrieved undamaged.

Building the rocket

You will receive a script with building instructions as well as an introduction to the processing of fiber composites and theoretical background of (model) rocketry. There will also be video tutorials for important steps and we will be there for you throughout the entire competition to answer any questions you may have (by mail, video chat or with at least 1.5 meters distance).

You don't need any prior skills for the competition, you will learn everything important from us.

The rockets are mostly made of fiberglass. All materials necessary for the construction of the rocket are provided by us. This year you will receive them in pre-packaged boxes so that you are flexible in your choice of location to build your rocket.

In addition, you will still have access to WARR's own workshop, including a turning machine, grinding machine, or 3D printer, after previous instruction. You will receive more information at the Kick-Off.

Rocket launch and WARR Christmas party

Approximately one month after the kick-off there will be a meeting that you will have to attend in order to be admitted to the competition and to launch your rocket.

The launch day itself will probably take place in mid-December on a field on the outskirts of the Garching campus. Your flight will be judged primarily on aspects such as the condition of your egg-shaped passenger after landing, your flight duration or flight stability, but also the design and weight of your rocket.

The award ceremony traditionally takes place at the WARR Christmas party a few days after the launch day (probably online).Of course you may keep your selfmade model rocket ( assuming it can still be found).

Still open questions? Write us an email!