Neues Projekt: Space Origami

We are very glad to announce that we have a new project starting. Space Origami. This project is open for applicants. Interested?

We want to grow 3d DNA Origami crystals in space. How?

We plan to use the TangoLabs Interface on the ISS, which limits the size of the setup to 10 cm 3 .
We finished the prototype design of a fully automated crystallization setup. We work in close contact with experts in the field of DNA origami as well as space engineering.

What is DNA Origami?

It’s a technique to build nano-tools made purely of DNA. It was invented only 11 years ago.

How does it work?

Short DNA strands fold a long DNA scaffold strand into 2D and 3D objects. These objects are a thousand times smaller than a human hair is thick.
We want to implement out prototype into the ScienceBox and prepare it for the Space Origami mission. In nature DNA stores genetic information – as DNA origami it becomes a versatile Nanomaterial.

Why do we want into Space?

We need microgravity: Sedimentation and convection forces on earth can influence crystal growth negatively, whereas they are neglectable in microgravity. We are not alone: Crystallization experiments have been successfully conducted in space since the 80 ́s and are part of ongoing projects on the ISS. We would be the first: DNA origami nanostructures have not been studied in space. We will gain new insights about DNA as nanomaterial and study its potential for future applications.


We need all sort of people to get the project further. We could need people especially from following topics:

  • Physics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Bio Medical or Chemistry

So feel free to join and get your project to the ISS!

PHONE: +49 1742734930